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Property Finance Services.

Our Finance Department offers the following services:

  • Evaluating the client’s financial position and providing professional advice on the most efficient finance structure of the home loan.
  • Pre-determining the client’s purchase price for which he qualifies. Inform the client of all the costs involved in a property transaction.
  • Explain all the different home loan options offered by the major banks.
  • Negotiate with the finance banks on the client’s behalf for the most favourable interest rate.
  • Corresponding with the chosen finance bank.
  • Administrating the application up to approval of the loan.
  • Explaining to the client the different stages of buying a home, identifying the responsibilities of all the parties involved: bond registration attorneys, transfer attorneys, valuators, Deeds office and the estate agent.
  • Overall assistance in the home loan application process.
  • Assessing the client’s financial portfolio in order to provide him or her with various options for purposes of life cover to implement a successful contingency plan.
  • Our process works as follows:
    • We are informed of a potential client.
    • Our local Fincor Consultant will collect the offer to purchase.
    • The consultant then liases with the client in order to complete the application form and obtain all relevant documentation.
    • Once the required documents are completed and all supporting documents are received, the data is captured onto the system and electronically submitted to the required financial institution/s.
    • Once this is done, we are in the hands of the above institutions. The reply time varies from institution to institution.
    • Once an AIP or final grant is given both the client and the estate agency are informed.
    • We will ensure that all the requirements as stipulated by the banks are in place to speed up the registration process i.e. life insurance, short term insurance, sureties etc.
    • Fincor provides a turn-key solution from property search, right through to financing the purchase and obtaining insurance cover. We offer innovative and tailored solutions for our clients' property finance and financial requirements.
    • Fincor advises clients on the best way to structure their home loan, sources competitive interest rates and loan products from the banks, prepares the application forms, and guides the application quickly through the bank's approval process - all as a free, independent service to the customer. Fincor is a registered financial services provider.
    • Our national team of consultants is supported by the most advanced home loan processing centre in South Africa which allows for multiple lender mortgage applications to be submitted online, saving time and eliminating paperwork.
    • The Fincor website helps customers make informed decisions and enables them to compare interest rate options and review the most appropriate home loan products.
    • With regional offices situated nationally, together with our home loan call centre Fincor is able to meet all our client needs, giving free independent advice whether face to face, telephonically or online.
    • Fincor's vision is to create the ultimate home-ownership experience by delivering convenient, value added home related products and services to our customers.
    • What are the benefits for using Fincor?
      By using our services, you avoid the hassle of going from the bank dealing with tedious and repetitive paperwork and not knowing if you are getting the best deal. With Fincor, your personal property finance consultant is able to advise as to the most appropriate home loan options to suit your individual needs and source competitive interest rates from all the major banks. We can handle the entire application process on your behalf.
    • Are there any costs for using Fincor?
      No, there are no costs for using our service as the lenders pay Fincor an outsourcing fee to complete the application process.
    • How is Fincor different to other home loan brokers?
      Fincor is the only full-service origination company in South Africa, capable of handling the entire home loan approval process, with a national infrastructure and paperless loan processing technology making home loan approval as simple and streamlined as possible.
    • Buying a home is exciting, but can also be a time of anxiety and apprehension. Whether you are buying a home for the first time or thinking about a second home, you’re bound to have some questions. This section is designed to answer some of your questions and improve your home buying experience.
    • If you are thinking about buying your first home, it helps to understand the options available to you, as well as the entire process and what it entails.
    • Even if you’ve done it before, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead and make your moving experience easier. In this section you will find information to assist you in this regard. The topics range from organising your move, to the impact of capital gains tax and the legal processes.
    • When you are ready to explore the different loan options available to you, simply call us on 013 697 2150 to have an experienced Fincor Property Finance Consultant contact you at a convenient time.